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Royal Shaheen Falcons were traditionally trapped during the autumn migration, used for hunting the season and then released back into the wild.

Due to this cycle of trap and release, Emiratis had to develop effective training methods so they could put the birds to work as soon as possible. As a result, Emiratis are regarded as some of the best falconers in the world.

Although hunting with falcons was an important part of life in the UAE, it is now illegal, and today falconry is mainly enjoyed as a traditional sport.

If you would like to experience this amazing sport first hand, Royal Shaheen offers exclusive packages that allow you to personally handled and fly some of these magnificent birds. You will be shown traditional and modern training techniques, learn in-depth facts about the falcon’s behaviour  and biological make up, and gain a better understanding of the importance of falconry in Arabi.

Located in the Dubai Desert Conservative Reserve, with Oryx and Gazelles roaming freely, the small group sizes (max 8 people) ensure a feeling of exclusivity, and give everyone a chance to stroke the velvety soft feathers of an owl, have a hawk gently alight on your gloved first and marvel at the breathtaking speed and agility of a falcon as it swoops down at well over 100km per hour.

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